Johnny Drille Reveals The Highest Thing He Has Done Because Of A Woman

Johnny Drille Reveals The Highest Thing He Has Done Because Of A Woman

Popular Nigerian singer, Johnny Drille has taken to his official Twitter page to reveal one of the highest thing he has done because of a woman.

Johnny Drille who’s known for his sensational R’n’B hit songs revealed on his Twitter page that there was a time he missed performing two shows in one weekend because he’d already made plans to hang out with a lady that weekend.

He then concluded his tweet with an affirmation that he excessively likes women. He wrote,

“The highest I’ve done for love was to refuse two shows one weekend because I’d already made plans to hang out with one woman. I too like woman”

He also revealed how he once trailed a girl he used to attend JAMB lessons with to her house because he was in love.

“One time I trailed this girl we attended the same JAMB lecture center to her house on foot for 45mins, because I was in love, or whatever that was, and I trekked almost two hours back home. I can’t believe I was that creepy, what was I thinking”

Then speaking on his first crush, he revealed she was his classmate in Primary 5. He also revealed that he can’t forget about her and that he was going to write a song about her.

“My first ever crush was Owas, we were in primary 5 together. Wherever you are Owas, if you can see this know I will never forget you. You didn’t know it but you made me feel love for the first time. In fact, I’m gonna write a song about you, I will call it ‘Dear Owas’

Source: The African Media

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