DPO, Abdullahi Bello Says He was Almost Stabbed by Hoodlums

The Kubwa Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Abdullahi Bello, on Tuesday, said the hoodlums who looted the NYSC Orientation Camp in Kubwa almost stabbed him while trying to safeguard the facility

Abdullahi Bello, the Kubwa Divisional Police Officer, DPO said in an interview with that he was almost stabbed by Hoodlums. He said this an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

DPO, Abdullahi Bello Says He was Almost Stabbed by Hoodlums

He said he and his men had to retreat to avoid the hoodlums from attacking them. He said all efforts to talk to them that there was no palliative stored in the camp warehouse did not work.

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He said ;

When they flooded the orientation camp on Saturday, we talked to them and even opened the warehouse for them to see that there was no palliative materials in the store. “Today, we did the same talking to them but they did not listen. They started throwing stones while some were pulled out knives and whatever. “They advanced towards the warehouse where items and food stuff meant for the incoming youth corps members were kept. They looted and made away with items, food stuff, equipment and even old mattresses in the camp. “I was almost stabbed by them.”

Abdullahi Bello said 20 officers were deployed initially to safeguard the camp but more officers were later reinforced when things were getting out of hand.

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He said;

We deployed additional 20 officers, making 40 personnel,” he said.

Bello said that his men decided to use caution despite the provisions of the law that allowed police officers to use minimum force in such situation. He continued that it took military intervention to put everything under control. Bello, who could not confirm that two people were shot dead during the incident, said at least 38 persons were arrested in connection with the looting.

Source: The African Media

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