#EndSARS: Hoodlums Attacks #EndSARS Protestants in Waru settlement, Abuja

Hoodlums attacks #EndSARS protestants in a fresh #EndSARS violence in Waru Settlement. This violence in Apo District has resulted in one person killed and many injured.

Some residents of Waru Settlement said the violence started as #EndSARS protestants resumes their daily protest against police brutality. Millions of Naira worth Properties destroyed in the violence which started 8′ o’clock in the morning.

A combined security force made of soldiers and police have moved to the area to restore peace and order. An eyewitness narrated his side of the story that the man who died was warned against moving to the area on Tuesday morning because some hoodlums has laid ambush for the #EndSARS protesters in the area.

The eyewitness narrates;

We warned the man who was killed not to proceed into Waru. We watched from a distance how the hoodlums killed him. “They planked him in the head with a 2-by-2 wood, and as soon as he fell to the ground, they mobbed him to death. “The Army and police have moved into Waru to calm the situation, but I’m certain as soon as they leave the violence will start again,”

He added that ss a result of the tensed atmosphere in the area, many women and children have fled the area to safer districts. Meanwhile, many young men resident in Apo and its environs were seen moving about the streets with weapons of all sort for self-defence.
Source: The African Media

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