#ENDSARSNOW: Needed Guides And Kits For Protesting

#ENDSARSNOW: Needed Guides And Kits For Protesting

#ENDSARSNOW: Needed Guides And Kits For Protesting

#ENDSARSPROTEST has been on rise within the last few weeks nationwide.

Recently Nigerians have started demonstrations against harrasment, police brutality and violence against the citizens some of which have ended with mass arrests, tear gas or, in at least one case, a death.

It’s important to come to any protest prepared, because having the right supplies could make all the difference if things get tense.

No matter when and where you’re demonstrating, here’s what you should pack, what you should wear and, just as importantly, what you should avoid bringing.

What to bring
First and foremost: Pack water. You could be outside in the summer heat for hours, and bringing several bottles of water preferably with an easy-to-use squirt top  will make a massive difference. Additionally, if you are exposed to tear gas, you can use the water to flush out your eyes and rinse exposed parts of your skin.

Also, bring a sensible amount of money and some form of personal identification. In addition to ID, Amnesty International recommends packing a notecard with the names and numbers of your preferred emergency contacts.

And while you’re writing things down, you should also consider keeping a notecard that lists out your rights, in case you’re stopped by police and can’t remember what to say or do.

General emergency supplies, such as a first aid kit, high-energy snacks, electronics chargers and simple cleaning tools (like wet wipes or a washcloth), will go a long way.

A good tip: Don’t just think about what you’ll need but also what those around you could benefit from having on hand.

What to wear
During a protest, your outfit can be just as important as your supplies. Clothing is going to be your last  and only  line of defense against anything you could face, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly.

Amnesty International suggests wearing clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible, as this will protect you from sunburn and, if necessary, pepper spray.

A be sure to wear a sun-blocking hat and sturdy, protective shoes that you feel comfortable running in.

If you do encounter chemical weapons such as pepper spray or tear gas, it helps to have goggles for covering your eyes, a bandana for your mouth and an extra pair of clothing in case your first outfit gets contaminated.

Get a bullet proof vest if you can afford one,as nobody wants to get shot by a trigger happy police officer

Lastly, consider bringing a lightweight backpack to store your supplies. You want something convenient, comfortable and preferably see-through in case you’re stopped by police.

And last but not least: a face mask. Protesting during a pandemic is new territory for nearly everyone, so be sure to equip yourself with the tools to social distance effectively.



What not to bring
There are some obvious items like jewelry, sharp objects and anything that could get you arrested  that you should definitely leave at home.

Also, avoid contact lenses, as they could possibly trap contaminated chemicals in your eyes (use glasses, or better yet, goggles, instead).

Then there’s the big one: your phone. Many experts suggest either not bringing your phone at all or at the very least disabling several features to help protect your own identity and privacy.

That includes turning off your data, disabling the fingerprint ID feature and turning your phone on airplane mode.

With limited or no phone access, it’s even more important that you know who to call if you get into trouble.

Maintaining social distancing
Again, it’s crucial to remember that we’re still in the midst of a global health crisis. Wear a mask and clothes that cover your face and body thankfully, you should be doing most of those things for other reasons too.

It might not be possible to stay six feet away in a crowd, but try to remain cognizant of those around you and keep as much distance as humanly possible. Treat the demonstrations like you would any other public outing in the current state of affairs: Stick to a small group, bring your own water bottle, and pack plenty of hand sanitizer.

Finally, always have an action plan. Talk with your group beforehand about where you’ll meet if something goes wrong using easily identifiable markers and specific locations will help here.

What To Do If You Or Someon Is Arrested

Just has we all know that our police departments are now vampires and killing machines,if someone close by is getting arrested.

Film it if you can, don’t get too close,call or message any activist or lawyer you know can be of help.

Most importantly Twitter Nigeria is very active and you can be sure of getting help. @segalink can be great of help in this trying times.

One love keeps up together,Great Nation Great People

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