I am a Nigerian Before anything, Davido tweets

Davido tweets, “I am a Nigerian first, David Adeleke second”

Nigerian Superstar Singer, Davido tweets that He is a Nigerian before anything. He later issued a statement letter about his status on EndSars protest. Earlier today, a video came out which many new media captured that Davido denying that he was not part of the protest but rather was there to calm protestants down.

I am a Nigerian Before anything, Davido tweets

The popular Singer, Davido has come out to declare his stand with a tweet which reads:

I am a Nigerian before anything.

He captured a letter which is singed in his official name, David Adeleke, your always. In the letter David Adeleke stated that he wants to make it clear that he never deny protesting and that his comment was taking out of contest. He later explained further i the letter that, he was not at the protest to cause trouble or fight but rather he was there in the solidarity of every NIgerian to demand an end to police brutality.

Find a copy of the letter below:

As seen in the letter, Davido stated that he is a Nigerian first and David Adeleke Second.

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