Rapper, Vector Reveals Why Africa Isn’t Underdeveloped

Popular Nigerian Rapper, Vector is of the opinion that Africa isn’t undeveloped unlike what the western world thinks.

Vector through series of Tweets made his case as to why Africa isn’t undeveloped. The rapper said that Africa’s development cannot be evaluated by alien and foreign ways.

According to him, the Whites have one believe that measuring how developed a place should be based on their standard meanwhile every place has a different standard of development as the concept is subjective.

When some fans tried to argue his theories, he explained that if the Whites hadn’t colonized Africa, the continent would have still been developed regardless.

He also argued that because African believe the continent is undeveloped that’s why people preferably register for a Masterclass run by Whites when Igbo traders have been doing the same thing for year years for free.

Read his tweets below;

Source: The African Media

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