How Kenyans Are Shading Mike Oliver’s Alleged Ex-Wife After Unveiling Her Identity(Screenshots)

It seems Kenyans won’t stop meddling in the private affairs of Mike Oliver, the Caucasian man who has been accused of taking advantage of young Kenyan ladies.

Looking at his facebook posts, he landed in Kenya in 2015 for unknown business and over the years, he has made Kenya his second home.

Mike is eating life with a big spoon in Kenya and using his skin colour and money to lure young Kenyan women, who have been meeting him in posh hotels and restaurants for dates.

His facebook page is littered with lustful comments from Kenyan ladies begging to him.

Social media detectives are busy digging Mike Oliver’s past life after he started trending and the identity of his ex-wife has been unveiled.

Soon after his ex-wife’s facebook profile was unearthed, Kenyans in their usual character, have flooded there.

They are making all manner of comments on her faceboook timeline, notifying her how her ex-husband has become a menace in Kenya.

This is how Mike Oliver’s ex-wife is being roasted by Kenyans.

Source: The African media

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