20 Tons of Medical Supplies arrive Lebanon from the UN

On the 4th of August 2020, a massive explosion rocked Lebanon which claimed the lives of over 150 people and injuring thousands. In a show of support, the UN has sent medical supplies to Beirut, Lebanon

Medical Supplies to Lebanon

Twenty tons of UN medical supplies to treat people injured by the massive blast in Beirut have reached the Lebanese capital, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

A plane delivered the cargo which is expected to cover 1,000 trauma interventions and 1,000 surgeries.

Due to the explosion, three hospitals in the city are no longer functional and two were partially damaged.

UN health agency said in a statement that it would distribute the medical supplies to hospitals across Lebanon that have been receiving patients from Beirut

“The legendary resilience of the Lebanese people has rarely been so severely tested,” the organisation said.

It noted that Tuesday’s chemical accident came on top of civil unrest, an economic crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, and the country’s burden of hosting nearly 900,000 Syrian refugees.

Investigations are still ongoing on the cause of the explosion which has devastated the Lebanese citizens. Many properties have been lost as a result of the blast which was measured to be 1/5 the capacity of the Hiroshima bomb.


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