THE RED: First African Zombie Movie to be released in 2021

Bird Guild Pictures, a movie production company in Nigeria and the United Kingdom is set to release three major movie projects of which a Zombie themed movie titled THE RED will be a part of.

THE RED will be the first blockbuster African Zombie Movie to hit the movie market which is set to be released in early 2021. The well-anticipated movie is also set to pull audiences to cinemas which are gradually being reopened globally.

The Red is rumoured to be not an average zombie movie and described as a superhero origin story set in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The production represents West Africa’s entry into mainstream cinema with a celebrity cast yet to be revealed.

This movie is set out to change the ideology that makes Africa largely under-represented by Hollywood in apocalypse movies– Maybe fictional doomsdays do not reach the continent, or filmmakers simply view Africans as lacking the ability to survive them

The studio has made waves with its upcoming titles, marking its debut into the major motion picture sphere. These include big-budget fantasy epic All is Calm Now (nicknamed a Wakanda origin story set in the real-life city of Ancient Benin) and L. S. Zeickner’s long-awaited musical Noir in 3 Moods.