Meet The 5 Worst Dressed Celebrities In Nigeria

Meet The 5 Worst Dressed Celebrities In Nigeria

We have so many best dressed celebrities lately cos it seems every one ’em wanna look superb, even tho some go extra mile just to look good at events or gatherings, so they are bringing up their ‘A’ game.

A best dressed person is someone who is perfectly styled, decently dressed, someone who has charisma, captivating look, has a very good combination and most importantly the dressed most fits you.. Even if you are wearing cheap material you still make the dress look expensive..

Best dressed is totally different from being fashionable… Being fashionable is the combination of good or bad or crazy or weird materials together just to make you unique. You can be fashionable by looking crazy or weird but can’t be best dressed looking crazy or awkward..

So here are the list of worst dressed celebrities in no particular order:

1. Rukky Sanda : She’s an actress, I’m sure you know her right.. She’s got the best body but she doesn’t dress spectacular but always careless with her dressing.. Do you guys still remember the nip slip and also the tight leggings showing her crotch?

2. Modenine: As long as I am concerned, the rapper still remains the worst dressed Nigerian rapper.. He’s a very good and talented artiste but being talented doesn’t necessarily transcend into your dressing… Modenine is one artiste that wears big blazers to an award show in a hot weather.

3. Denrele: Denrele is one of the most fashionable people… He’s not best dressed he’s just got the taste and eyes for fashion.. The Crazy looking guy is far from being best dressed but he’s got a fashion statement that makes him standout and unique.. Looking like Denrele does not make you a best dressed but a worst dressed.. No parent would allow his or her child to grow up and look like Denrele *lol*

4. Mercy Johnson: She still remains the sexiest nollywood actress, but in terms of dressing; it is a no no. She’s one actress that don’t know how to put it together despite her hourglass shape.. Mercy Johnson is one of worst dressed actress but one of the most talented actress ever..

5. Charly Boy: Area father still remains worst dressed celebrity of all time, he’s a legend and he started this weird and scary look even before we know who is Denrele.. Charly boy is totally fashionable but still remains the scariest worst dressed celebrity of all time.. At some point I thought he was gonna change his dress sense cos he’s a grandfather, he has grown up kids oooo. We love area father but not his dressing..

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