#BBNaijia 2020: Wathoni And Ka3na Fights Dirty (Watch Video)

#BBNaijia 2020: Wathoni And Ka3na Fights Dirty (Watch Video)

Wathoni And Ka3na

Ka3na and Wathoni have made history as the first duo to get into a fight on this season of BBNaija season 5, the two got into a fight following the game Big Brother asked the housemates to play bu dividing them into a team.

The fight was born out of the tension a competitive game brought into the BBNaija house.

Housemates were divided into teams for a game. Tension was already brewing between the two teams as they score each other, everything took a turn when Ka3na and Wathoni started arguing

Ka3na angrily says to Wathoni

“see this small girl o, am I your mate? Don’t call my name”

Wathoni immediately retorts

“if I call your name what will you do?”

Standing up and facing in Ka3na’s direction. Housemates intervened and quickly dispersed the tension, a few minutes later after the game and back in the house, Ka3na could be heard angrily shouting at someone.

Perhaps someone had asked her why she got upset outside Ka3na says Wathoni should not say her name in the house if she doesn’t want any problems.

That if she does, things would get really bad and she doesn’t care. housemates placate her. Wathoni on the other hand (in the other room) is silent and does not respond. she starts pacing as she tries to put her emotion in check. At a point she starts crying.

Watch video below;

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