Police Officers Breaks Car Windows To Pull Out Alleged Looters

A swarm of LAPD officers tracked down a sedan, smashed the hell out of the car’s windows and quickly yanked out the occupants during a pretty violent arrest of alleged looters.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a helicopter tracked the car leaving an Urban Outfitters Wednesday in Hollywood, a store that had been looted.

When officers on the ground caught up to the car, we’re told the driver revved the engine allegedly lurching toward a cop.

As you can see multiple officers destroyed the side windows to haul the driver and passengers out of the vehicle.

They allegedly refused to exit on their own. One woman appeared to be slightly injured from broken glass, and another went down hard as officers tried to cuff her.

The trunk was allegedly chock full of clothes from Urban Outfitters complete with merchandise tags still on them according to our law enforcement sources.

We’re told everyone in the car was booked for burglary, and the driver was also booked for assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly driving at one of the officers.

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