A Young Banker Commits Suicide In Lagos

A gentleman man identified as Kelvin Rhima has committed suicide at Modinatu Street in Ogba area of Lagos State.

A Young Banker Commits Suicide In Lagos

The lifeless body of Kevin who works with a new generation bank was found dropping from a ceiling fan in his mini apartment by neighbours at about 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

It was gathered that neighbours became troubled on Tuesday evening when they noticed that Kevin hasn’t been outside since morning.

Unfortunately, when they looked through the window, they found his body hanging on the ceiling fan.

Immediately after the discovery, they invited policemen to break into the apartment.

According to a neighbor, Barry Olarenwaju,

“Kelvin was a calm person so we didn’t notice on time. When we didn’t see him outside on Tuesday morning, we felt that was his lifestyle, that he was sleeping inside, but when it was an evening we got worried because there was no padlock at his entrance to indicate that he had gone out.

“When we tried to open the door, it was locked from inside that was when we began to bang on the door.

By the time we went to the window, we saw him dangling and his tongue sticking out.

From the look of things it was obvious that it was on Monday he died because the body had begun to bloat”.

It was gathered that policemen from Pen-cinema division who came to the compound to scrutinize the scene saw the suicide note that he wrote and addressed to his father and girlfriend.

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