Patoranking tells his fellow Musicians to Wise up

Patoranking, the reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter, lashes his fellow Musicians who has turned to give online, with a tweet.

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Patoranking continued to express how things are when you come from the Ghetto. He further explained that when his fellow musician giveaway to only their online funs, what happens to those who don’t have internet to go online. He referred to later as the people in the Ghetto.

However, some of his funs didn’t take his tweet as a good message. They ridiculed him by replying to his tweet that “when you drop songs, you ask us to go and watch on YouTube and download it, when we need help you say the real people who needs help are not online.”

Patoranking has been described by many as one of the artists with a humanitarian heart. He has engaged in a scholarship program for African children who don’t have education access.

In 2019, he met with the founder of African Leadership University Scholarship (ALU Scholarship) where he commenced the ALU Patoranking Scholarship. This is to enable the most promising young leaders from across the African continent to study at Africa’s most innovative university, whatever their financial resources or background.

His scholarship program states that “financial constraints should not prevent the next great African disruptor from gaining the tools, skillsets and networks to bring their innovations to life.”

As he said in his tweet he comes from the Ghetto and was able to make it out through music. He therefore see the need to help others in Ghetto who are helpless strive and make it out too.

Patoranking now wants to help unleash more entrepreneurial leaders who will bring positive change to their countries and the continent.

He passed a message in 2018 “Heal D World” Love is the only solution.

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