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11 World Record Holding Pets You Should know

Is there anything pets can’t do? These remarkably skilled furry companions have each secured a Guinness World Record for their exceptional talents.

From mastering the waves while surfing to executing a slam dunk with a basketball, let’s marvel at the ingenuity of these extraordinary pets who are truly the cream of the crop.

Maine Coon – Longest Whiskers On A Cat

The Maine Coon named Missi holds the Guinness World Record for the longest whiskers on a cat.

This feline from Finland achieved the record in 2005, boasting whiskers measuring an impressive 19cm (7.5 in).

Pearl – World’s Shortest Dog

Forget handbags; this petite chihuahua could snugly fit into your pocket.

Meet Pearl, a two-year-old pup who holds the title of the world’s shortest dog, measuring merely 9cm tall, 12.7cm long, and weighing a feather-light 553 grams.

Alley The Cat – Longest Jump By A Cat

Alley the cat achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest jump by a cat, an astounding feat of six feet.

This nimble feline from Austin, Texas, secured the record in 2013.

Bobi the Rafeiro do Alentejo – World’s Oldest Living Dog

Earlier this year, Bobi the Rafeiro do Alentejo claimed the title of the world’s oldest living dog.

On February 1, 2024, Bobi officially set the record at the remarkable age of 31 years and 266 days. According to his owner, a diet consisting of human food has contributed to Bobi’s enduring health and vitality.

Abbie Girl – Longest Wave Surfed By A Dog (Open Water)

Meet Abbie Girl, the kelpie from San Diego, California, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest wave surfed by a dog in open water.

Abbie Girl achieved this remarkable feat in 2011 by riding a wave measuring an impressive 107.2 meters (351 feet 8 inches) at Ocean Beach.

Remarkably, this talented pup continues to compete in surfing competitions to this day.

Nala The Cat – Most Followers On Instagram For A Cat

Nala the cat secured the title for the most Instagram followers for a cat back in 2019.

Hailing from Los Angeles, this renowned feline boasts an impressive 4.4 million followers on the platform.

Bini The Bunny – Most Basketball Slam Dunks In One Minute By A Rabbit

Bini the bunny holds the Guinness World Record for the most basketball slam dunks made by a rabbit in one minute.

This Holland Lop rabbit, residing in Los Angeles, set the record in 2017 by successfully dunking a mini basketball through a hoop seven times.

Zoey The Labrador – Longest Dog Tongue

Meet Zoey the Labrador cross German Shepherd, who possesses quite the impressive licker!

In March of this year, Zoey earned the title for the longest tongue on a living dog. Her tongue measures a remarkable five inches (12.7 centimeters).

Alexis – Most Tricks Performed By A Cat In One Minute

Alexis, an eight-year-old tortie from Vienna, Austria, has earned the Guinness World Record for the most amount of tricks performed by a cat in one minute, astonishingly achieving 26 tricks.

Anika began training her remarkable cat when Alexis was just 12 weeks old.

“We have been doing tricks since she was a kitten, and she thoroughly enjoys our trick sessions. I would describe it as our shared passion,” Anika shared with Guinness World Records.

Purin The Beagle – Most Balls Caught By A Dog With The Paws In One Minute

Purin the beagle is the proud holder of the Guinness World Record for the most balls caught by a dog using their front paws in one minute.

This talented pup from Japan achieved the record on March 22, 2015, by catching an impressive total of 14 mini soccer balls. Notably, Purin surpassed her own previous record of 11 balls, which she set in 2014.

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