Man Narrates How His New Girlfriend Almost Used Him For Rituals

Man Narrates How His New Girlfriend Almost Used Him For Rituals
So I came home after losing horribly in a local chess tournament, I enter my house and was shocked to find Beth inside.

I asked her how long has she been there and why didn’t she call me? She said she wanted to surprise me and before I knew what’s up she was already initiating sex, sucking away the nectar in my mouth.

It was kinda weird cause we’ve never had sex before so I allowed her to take the lead, she brought out a c0ndom from her bag and put it on nicely, and we did the act.

I found out that I was quite spent unlike before, so I simply removed the used CD and lay down to catch my breath. Beth took a quick shower, got dressed and told me she wants to go.

I forced myself up and gave her money for T.f. Then my eyes darted to where I’d dropped the used CD, I couldn’t find it.

I asked her where it was, she said she flushed it when she was showering but I could swear I saw it was on the floor when she entered the bathroom. There was a brief argument before she finally admitted that she didn’t flush it instead its in her bag.

I went mental. She quickly explained that she wants to run some test just to know if I’m disease-free.

“Why wouldn’t you ask me first and why the denial?” I queried.

She got angry, brought it out, dropped it on the floor and stormed out muttering that she was doing it for our sake…

I sent her a breakup text immediately.


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