Ghanaian Pastor shaves the private part of his female church members in public as part of his cleansing process.

In a trending video on the internet, a pastor shaves the private part  of church members in front of the congregation as part of a cleansing process and we are wondering what kind of cleansing he was up to.pastor shaves private partIn the videos, he was seen with a shaving blade and calling female church members to shave their private parts right in front of the congregation.

According to him, it’s part of a cleansing process which he will climax with special bathing after the shaving.

This has gotten many talking and asking if he is a true man of God or one of those fake pastors out there?

The answer is not far fetched, he is indeed a fake man of God deceiving these gullible women in the name of cleansing them spiritually.

Source: The African Media

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